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Christa Knipe, founder of Cape Town Company Secretaries, completed an IAC Company Secretary qualification and gained after that 19 years of experience in the company secretarial divisions of some major Accounting and Audit practices in South Africa as Manager and Director.

Christa says:

"Our mission is to establish a reputation in Cape Town of "The One Stop Company Secretarial Shop", by providing a full range of corporate secretarial services directly to clients or via their attorneys and/or accountants.

"Many Accounting and Attorney firms outsource their company secretarial work to us and they save a lot of time and money by allowing our specialists to attend to all their statutory requirements, giving them the opportunity to spend those hours on their speciality fields."

"Cape Town Company Secretaries also offers various practical workshops throughout the year. Contact us for more specific details on these excellent opportunities to expand your Company Secretarial knowledge."